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Hi, My name is Piotr (but you can call me Peter).

I will help you with software architecture, project management and optimising business processes.

Since 2014 I have run a bespoke software agency that streamlines business processes through technology solutions. Before that, I worked as a software engineer in the aviation industry.

Currently, I train IT specialists, in the area of software cost estimation. Also, I run a couple of SaaS projects.

I can help you with the following:


Software architecture

I am a software engineer. Over the years, I've created new platforms and helped my clients solve bottlenecks in their projects. I feel comfortable with APIs, microservices, DevOps and frontends.


Projet Management

With a technical background, I communicate with other IT experts with ease. I can quickly understand the roadblocks they face and consider obstacles from a stakeholder point of view.


SaaS Development

Owning a SaaS is a dream of many. The number of areas where you can help others solve a particular problem is endless. Additionally, scaling such a venture is a very tempting business opportunity. Luckily, I am the co-founder of three such projects, and I am happy to share my experience with you.


Business Processes Optimisation

Business processes automation is not just to use a particular technology. Automating a broken process still leaves you with a broken process. To eliminate the risk, I must thoroughly understand the nature of the process and its impact on your business. Let's talk.

My involvement.

Here you can find a selection of ventures I am involved in:



The Beaverhead

Co-founder, CEO.

Experts in optimising business operations. The Beaverhead provides exceptional expertise and high-quality solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises looking to improve their business operations.

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The Estimation

Owner, one man band.

Improve your software agency income by accurate cost estimations created with confidence.

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Display Church Events

Co-founder, CTO.

Easily create beautiful, embeddable calendar views using your events and our integration. We have licensed the look and feel from one of the most popular calendaring systems, EventOn, and integrated those views to work with any account on our partner apps.

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Founders Kitchen Sink


Creating and launching an online business—a live case study on bootstrapping Software-as-a-Service platform.

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Piotr was an absolute SUPERSTAR solving every problem with ease.

Drilling down to specifics, very details-oriented. A jedi-level problem solver who is GREAT at what he does.

Michael Leftwich

- Assemble Team, Founder

Piotr is the REAL DEAL!

We used him as a project manager and initial dev to set up the direction. He did such a great work so quickly, that we need to revisit this when we can actually get our team to start working on it.

Jason Alexis

- Fluid Ministry, Owner

Everything you would want out of someone your hire for any job.

Piotr and is extremely professional, very knowledgable, and have excellent communication skills. His greatest strength is probably their ability to talk through the needs of the client, eliminate the confusion of the whole process, and find the best solution.

Brad Powell

- Big Lazy Panda, Founder
Do you need help with software architecture, project management or business processes optimisation in your business?

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