About me

I grew up in a small village 10 km from Zielona Góra. At around 8 years old, I saw for the first time something that you can only see in a museum these days – a PC computer with an Intel 80286 processor. In the perspective of time, I can say that from that very moment, I already knew what I would be doing in my life. I’m this lucky guy who didn’t have to spend energy on searching for himself.

When I came of age, I had only two jobs which required my physical presence: the first one was stocking shelves in a supermarket (this lasted for two entire days, and on the first one I was 3 hours late because of a breakdown of the car I was supposed to get to work with). The second job was an internship at a company located in a business incubator located inside the building where I had classes during my IT studies. After the internship, I was hired as a programmer for an English company. I’ve been working remotely ever since, with a short episode of renting an office for the purposes of different projects. Home office is a lion’s share of me and I think I couldn’t give up my own corner where I have my own personal office which is close to me.

During my studies, I’ve used the Erasmus programme, which allowed me to broaden my horizons. Not only have I seen a completely different education system than that I knew from Poland, but I also learned about diversity between cultures, approaches to life and to solutions. After returning to the country and getting a master’s degree in computer science, I began the life of a digital nomad, which I’m continuing up until today.

My place of residence are other European countries, and studying them allows me to get to know European culture better, as well as to understand the current geopolitical situation. The more I get to know the Old Continent, the more I’m convinced that I won’t live long enough to get to know and understand everything, not to mention the other continents, equally rich in culture and history.

After working as a Software Developer for four years, I decided to take a so-called Gap year, which I’ve shortened to half a year because I got tired of “doing nothing”. During this time, on one of my little missions cycling the Norwegian fjords, I got inspired to create a project. I’ve started and implemented it when living in a small village in Germany, north of Frankfurt am Main.

The project transformed into a software agency, which I’m currently running and this has been my main occupation for over the last five years. A change in my position and of the nature of my work has allowed me to get to know and help implement projects in various fields, having one common denominator – software.

A lot has changed in the IT world since I began my adventure with computers – however, evolving and developing along with the industry, I recognize the trends, update my knowledge and apply it when I implement my own projects and the projects of my customers. I’d give a lot to trace the history of humanity in the same way I follow the activities within the IT world.

Apart from developing the agency and travelling, I implement smaller projects, some of which are e.g.:

What I plan to post on this site is comprehensive answers to the questions I’m asked very often and I rarely have the chance to fully discuss the topic (either due to the limited conversation time or because of my poor memory).